What does Dogs & Doos provide?

The Essentials: Dogs & Doos delights in meeting all pet care needs while you’re away or your work commitments leave you time-stretched. Services range from feeding, walking, brushing, cleaning messes, changing litter trays, to essentially offering love and company and whatever will ensure continuity in routine and reduce separation anxiety.

The Vitally Important: As Dogs & Doos is a ‘Pet Leisure’ service, the primary aim is to ensure your pet does not miss out on life’s pleasures while you’re away. This is taken very seriously and therefore you will be encouraged to provide a detailed list of what makes your pet happy. Of course as an animal lover yourself, please be assured you’ll find this an easy task

The Extras: Given the ‘in-home’ nature of the Dogs & Doos Service, simple household tasks can be carried out that give the appearance that your home is occupied. For example, collecting mail, turning lights on or off, playing music or the TV, opening and closing blinds, putting out and bringing in bins, watering plants etc.

Peace of Mind: Let’s not forget the satisfaction you’ll have of knowing your precious pet (and friend) is being cared for and is still enjoying the pleasures of life.

When & Where does Dogs & Doos operate?

‘When you’re away your pet will play’. As the motto suggests, anytime you need to go away or haven’t got time to give your pet the care they need, Dogs & Doos will be there. Public holidays, festivals and occasions, rain, hail or shine Dogs & Doos are available seven days a week servicing the inner Melbourne city suburbs.

The unique advantage of Dogs & Doos is that services are provided in the comfort of your own home and living environment. This key fact:

  • Maximises the comfort of your precious pet and also reduces separation anxiety
  • Allows for routines to be followed as closely as possible
  • Alleviates your concerns about your pet’s wellbeing
  • Eliminates the need for transporting your pet to and from another venue for care, which can be quite stressful
  • Eliminates the need for special vaccinations which are required by pet boarding facilities
  • Ensures your home is being watched over and appears occupied while you’re away