Why was Dogs & Doos unleashed?

Working with animals has always been a long-held aspiration of mine. I have a real passion for animals and animal welfare. I grew up on a small hobby farm in Central Victoria where I was always surrounded by animals, both wild and tame. I’ve had pet dogs, cats, horses, chooks, ducks, peacocks, a magpie, goat, cow and sheep, to name but a few. I’m known for rescuing stray dogs and offering extra food and love to neighbouring moggies.

While living in Dubai three years ago, I was unfortunately witness to some terribly cruel treatment and disregard for animals. True to my nature, I rescued a puppy that lived nearby; she’d been missing for weeks. Arriving home from work one evening, I happened to see her shoved into the boot of a car. She was desperately thin, starving and very frightened. I took her in and she became my best friend. Her name is Ruby and some would say I paid a fortune to bring her back to Australia with me, but she was worth every single cent and I would’ve paid more.

I’ve worked in the Travel and Tourism Industry for almost 10 years, both in Australia and Overseas. During this time I discovered there are many people out there who are just as crazy about their pets as I am. A career in this industry means a lot of travel opportunities and I was always in turmoil at the thought of leaving my precious Ruby behind, even if she was being cared for by my husband or mum! I discovered this was also the case for many of my clients. So, the concept of Dogs & Doos was born!

Why the name ‘Dogs & Doos’?

Well, out of all the creatures in the animal kingdom ‘Dogs’ are my ultimate joy and ‘Doos’ refers to the things they do, including the good, bad and the ugly, and my Service aims to cater for these.