Dogs & Doos is a small, sole-operated business; the inspiration of a young, animal loving Melbournian tired of a fast-paced career in the travel and tourism industry. “Too often have I seen clientele from this industry struggling with the dilemma of what to do with their precious feline, k9, scaled or feathered companions when planning a business trip or holiday. I believe Dogs & Doos offers the perfect solution!”

Dogs & Doos is an in-home, personalised Pet Leisure service designed to tailor meet the needs of you and your beloved pet when you need to be away from home for short or extended periods of time.

I believe your pet’s comfort will be maximized when they are separated from you if they can remain in their own, familiar living environment and can continue their usual routines.

As the name suggests, Dogs & Doos specialises in providing care for dogs but will happily love and care for all species in the animal kingdom.

First and foremost, Dogs & Doos is a ‘Pet Leisure’ service, as it ensures your pet will continue to enjoy life’s pleasures while you’re away. Whether your pet’s greatest enjoyment is to have a full belly, a walk, a back scratch, to fetch a ball, a cuddle, a chat, some sunshine or simply a friend to be with, I delight in meeting all these needs.

So if you’re someone who is

  • a shift worker
  • planning a business trip
  • taking a holiday
  • requiring a hospital stay
  • needing some respite care
  • or simply wants an alternative to pet boarding facilities, …then please read on


While You’re Away Your Pets Will Play!